Thursday, April 14, 2011

Because The Spinning of The Earth Demanded It

I traveled East
from where I had previously traveled West
and as I made it through the thicket,
I met a company of dancers.
They twirled like the rain falls
and their feet shuffled like the tide.
They claimed they weren't angels,
or sirens, or spirits.
They said they danced
because the spinning of the earth demanded it.

They begged me to join them,
but I said i didn't know how.
So they directed me towards their fire
and said the licks of flame held the lessons.
With the dancers' urgings
I plunged my hand deep inside
and burned like a forgotten secret.

As my clothes fell away in ashes
I tried to join the dancers.
They denied me entry
and explained that I had not burned enough.
My legs hadn't learned how to bend like a storm
and my arms were unlike the moon.

I walked away cursing the willows around me,
upset that my ancestors had not been dancers.
That's when I found a company of singers
who sang like a rising mountain
and harmonized like the prairies.
Their song told me
that my forerunners had indeed been dancers
and that I would be too,
when I discovered the meaning
of a path across the world.

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