Monday, November 28, 2011

And Only The Song Ever Talked About Dying

And Only The Song Ever Talked About Dying

It’s dead now.
You may have believed
That it had finished over a year ago
But for the first time in your prophetic life
You were wrong.

In a strange and wholly enjoyable turn of events
I came to the realization
That I could strip away the dead weight
Of my perceived mistakes and long list of shortcomings
All it took was two 3 hour drives.

I still listen to that tune
In fact it’s one of my favorites
Just the other day I stopped inches from that downtown deadzone
And backed up a long line of people
Waiting for their turn at the red light.

I had to hear that song,
But this time it was to hear the background vocals
And not the frontman,
The one you said
You’d die to meet.

I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance
To tell you my new story
Of how I dodged my way through a labyrinth
Just to see that band


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